About Us

JYPSEA SOUL represents a carefree attitude and love for individuality. We are a coastal brand inspired by the freeness of the ocean, for there is where one seeks peace, stillness and acceptance.  

Our brand symbolizes something personal for every individual who is passionate about life and connections with those around us. Life is full of constant excitement, new experiences, uncertainty and growth. We're not always in control, so we must continuously let go of the things we cannot change; enjoying the now, and living in the present. This is the mindset of a true JYPSEA!

In the face of challenge, a JYPSEA evolves showing strength, beauty and courage. A soul of a true Jypsea, JYPSEA SOUL. Enjoy a Coastal Lifestyle Brand that simply means more. Get your JYPSEA apparel today and bring out the JYPSEA in you!